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About Us

We Are First Offer Group

F1rstOffer was established in 2013. Our initial mission was to bring the best deals in any shopping websites to users worldwide. Using F1rstOffer's vast expertise in shopping comparison and unique ad units, the group has successfully evolved to more fields of expertise:

  • Shop Comparison - Leading technology to identify user's shopping intent with high quality
  • Video - High quality video advertising & programmatic media buying
  • Mobile - Unique shopping comparison solution for mobile
  • MegaPush- Innovative Push Notification platform for premium publishers & Advertisers


Our Specialty & Advantage

F1rstOffer was born out of a passion to make great products for the ad-tech industry. We specialize in unique ad units that yields high performance with pleasant user experience, both in desktop and mobile devices.

  • Shop Comparison
  • Mobile SDK
  • Video Advertising
  • Programmatic Media Buying
  • Native Ad Units
  • Slick User Experience
  • High Performance
  • Brand Safety


We offer our publishers the best of all worlds with cutting edge technology and high performing ad-units. Our advertisers benefit from high quality advertisement in large scales.

Video Ads

Enjoy great CPV rates and higher user engagement

Push Notifications API

Our Push Notifications is available for publishers who wish to monetize their subscribers 

Mobile SDK

Integrate our mobile shopping SDK to your app and start making money today

Shop Compare

Give your users extra value with our shopping tools. Help them explore better prices and deals from around the web.

Content Ads

Boost user experience by using our native content recommendation ad unit

Special Ad Units

We have developed special and innovative ad units with outstanding performance.


We take pride in our cutting edge ad-tech technology. As market leader in the shop comparison vertical, F1rstOffer used the strong know-how from shopping and extrapolated the client and back-end abilities to all verticals and cross platforms.

Collaborate. Innovate. Grow.

- by First Offer -

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